Quincy First Assembly of God


Rollie R Ronish Jr

My life began in the Olympic National Rain Forest in Forks, Wa. Son of a logger and bookkeeper, I had somewhat meager beginnings.  Great parents who raised me to be honest, trustworthy, dependable, and kind.  As a lot of children do, I rebelled in my teenage years and proceeded to take charge of my own life.  Drinking and drugs got me into a lot of trouble with the law and I took an opportunity to get away from it all where I would be working for my dad near Mount Rainier.  His logging operation had moved there in the later years of the industry. 
     It wasn't long before I was right back into the party lifestyle.  During this phase of my life I met an amazing woman named Karen Stetner.  Unlike any relationship I had been in before, we became best friends almost instantly and got married 18 months later.   Her lifestyle wasn't much different than mine, so we continued in our drug and alcohol fueled lifestyle for the next 12 years.  Then we found ourselves addicted and wondering where is there a way out of this mess we call life.
     It was at the rock bottom of our life that I looked up toward heaven and said the words, "If there is a God, I need help".  Apparently that was the invitation that Jesus had been waiting for.  He came in like a flood.  Immediately took away the 20 year drug fueled addiction, and we both became a new creation. 
     I heard God speak to my heart the first time when He told me this was where I would be going to church.  How right He was when I look back at the last 24 years of my walk with Christ.  I can honestly say that "I LOVE MY CHURCH".  I now have 4 children who I raise to be honest, trustworthy, dependable, kind, and Christian.  I have done just about all of the 70 or so jobs that we have here at Quincy First Assembly, at one time or another.  I believe we are all called to serve in the church in some way.  Some in many different ways, and that changes as we change to become more and more like Jesus everyday.  My favorite scripture verse is Matthew 6:33.  I'm a 30 year farmer and Seahawks Fan.  I believe if Jesus can save me and find a place for me in His kingdom, then He can and will do it for anyone who calls on Him.  So come on in, everyone is welcome here. I love watching Jesus perform miracles in transforming peoples lives.  How about you?
Blessings from Rollie