Quincy First Assembly of God


Welcome to Quincy First 

We are so glad you are visiting us today on the web. 

If this is your first time on QuincyFirst.com, let me tell you a little about us. 

We are a farming community of about 8,000 people. Quincy  is located in Grant County, the heartland of Washington state. Grant County is the largest potato producing county in the world. Yes, even more than Idaho. 

QuincyFirst is a small but mighty group of people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and their community. 

We believe God is one God and that Jesus Christ is his son. The Holy Bible is our guide and rule for all we do and teach. We believe that it is only through a surrendered personal relationship with Jesus Christ that we can have a transformed life that will continue into eternity. 


Our vision/mission 

To Plant the Word of God into people's lives, to Water and Nurture it to Grow and change the World! 

Our ministry is setup to Plant (evangelism), Water (spiritual encouragement through fellowship), Nurture (through learning opportunities), and to Grow (discipleship spiritual growth plan).